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Small Business Accounting

We offer cash flow analysis, reporting, and financial statement preparation to identify cost savings and added value.

We can help you save money, run your business productively, train your staff, and prepare you for profitability.

We have staff with Advanced Certification in QuickBooks — we can help you manage your business every step of the way.

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Small Business Accountants

Need Help with Your Books?

Financial integrity is the most important aspect of any small business, especially during its initial stages. Many small business owners tend to think that they can take charge of the financial aspect of their business, only to realize that it is not as easy as they think. This is the main reason for hiring an accountant like Odoni Partners We will handle the financial record keeping aspect of your business while you concentrate on different aspects of your business.

Hiring an accountant helps the company save a lot of money in the long run. The importance of hiring a firm like Odoni Partners is that it offers you some kind of insurance against any ineffective financial management. This means that we can offer advice on the type of business to venture into, depending on the available capital. We can help strategize on how your company will make profit within a stipulated amount of time.

We help in day to day financial transactions, manage tax preparation, and help oversee your employees’ payroll. We can also make plans for necessary changes in business expenses to ensure there are no additional costs that would affect your business negatively.

In addition, we can safeguard your business against audit and help plan expansion of your business to other locations. And, if possible, help you to sell the business if you are willing and able.

If your business is experiencing any problem, we can help to identify the cause of the problem and find a solution to it. We can come up with new plans to save your business. We can also work with creditors so as to establish a payment plan.

If you are a small business owner, ensure you get the services of our top certified accountants, and see your business thrive.

Small Business CPA in Chicago and Wheaton, IL

Our accounting and financial advisory services can help your startup or small/medium size business achieve success. As a business owner, it’s easy to overlook the complexity of accounting and financial advisory services–as your business continues to grow, your needs will only become that much more complex. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of moving pieces that your business needs to account for: day-to-day business transactions, long-term business viability, financial planning, financial management, and more.

We offer services that meet every need that your business may come across. We can provide an in-depth cash flow analysis to diagnose current cash flow patterns and problems. We can also forecast future cash flow based on past spending patterns. Of course, our analysis takes place in the context of your industry because every industry has varying needs. The number one reason that businesses fail isn’t because of a poor business idea–it’s simply learning to manage your assets effectively. Even if your business is not currently profitable, we can guide you towards cash flow positive.

Our accounting and financial services can be broken down into three areas: diagnostics, analysis, and advisory services. We can diagnose and identify problems that may be holding your business back, such as ineffective asset management, overspending in unprofitable areas, and identifying problem areas on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Once we identify areas for improvement, we analyze the cost-benefit of spending in particular areas of your business. We are also able to take a holistic look at your financial transactions to see whether there are cost-savings that your business is overlooking, increased capacity for more productivity at lower costs, and opportunities for new business ventures and spinoffs. Our advisory services can break down the risks and opportunities associated with new business ventures, and help you hedge for risks while realizing brand new business opportunities you may have missed. It’s easy to overlook the long-term when you’re in the trenches of your business on a day-to-day basis–let us help you take a step back to plan for long-term success.


Accounting for Small Businesses

We offer a broad range of accounting services for our business clients, as there are many aspects of accounting that businesses may overlook. Our services include bookkeeping by Advanced QuickBooks experts, business tax return preparation, financial projections, and financial statement preparation. Bookkeeping requires rigorous attention to detail, consistency, and a robust knowledge of best accounting practices on a federal, state, and local level. Good bookkeeping can prevent your business from being scrutinized by government officials. Business tax return preparation requires knowledgeable accountants who understand your business in full so that all possible deductions and asset depreciation are completed correctly. Financial projects will allow your business strategy leaders to make decisions armed with accurate financial facts, and to understand whether your business is meeting its goals. Lastly, financial statement preparation includes cash flow statements, income statements, and balance sheets. They’re built from accurate bookkeeping and submitted for review by government officials. It is imperative that your business is able to accurately report its operations on financial statements, as investors and stakeholders will use financial statements to make decisions about your business. At Odoni Partners LLC, we are experts in not only one, but all of these areas. By working with us, we can provide you with a robust business analysis that can allow you to achieve future success.

Other areas that businesses struggle to control internally are tax and audit services. As the business grows, QuickBooks management can become more daunting to handle. The importance of effective financial record-keeping cannot be overstated: accurate record-keeping can prevent your business from unnecessary taxes, audits, and even create new tax savings when it comes time to file state, local, and federal taxes. Strong financial record-keeping can be a tool to help you gain new investment and even sell parts of your business. However, weak financial record-keeping can hold back your business growth and keep you from expanding into more profitable areas.

Let Odoni Partners LLC guide your business towards success through our team of experts in accounting and financial advisory services. Our team of experts specializes in accounting and business services and can use their expertise to help your business meet its short- and long-term goals. We are professionals in our field and use our combined insights to provide you with the best possible service in accounting and financial services. Each of our clients is equally important to us, and we will find a way to work with you that is custom-tailored and meets your unique business needs. Accounting and financial analysis can unlock insights that will support your business growth, whether you’re looking to scale, sell, or raise more investment funds.

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