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The North Shore of Chicago is stunningly beautiful and can make you forget that a mere 30 minutes ago, you were on the busy streets of downtown Chicago. Located along Lake Michigan, the North Shore is simply unforgettable. University life spills into the North Shore, with Northwestern University and Loyola University in the area. Streets are lined with trees–and our office located on the North Shore is no exception. Our office is conveniently located minutes from the water, in case you need a breath of fresh air after a consultation. Suffice it to say that we are charmed by our North Shore office location.

Life on the North Shore, as you may know, is a change of pace from downtown Chicago or the suburbs of Wheaton. And as such, the clients that we serve out of our North Shore office often have different needs from our downtown Chicago clients or clients looking for accountants in Naperville in the western suburbs. Many of our clients require a specialist to help them with their individual or business needs. In addition, our North Shore office has clients with a diversity of needs, ranging from tax preparation to accounting. Whether they’re university students, professors, residents, or business owners, we take pride in helping our North Shore clients strategize the best way to meet their challenges. We’re focused not only on the projects that we deliver to our clients but how we can better serve our clients.

We are dedicated to serving the North Shore and its business needs and would be happy to meet with you to strategize how we can plan your future.

Schedule a consultation with our North Shore, Chicago office to learn more about how we can help you overcome your challenges. Every business and individual has a different set of challenges, and we are ready to help with any challenge you may come across.

North Shore Financial Services

Accounting & Financial

We’ve helped clients in the North Shore overcome accounting and financial challenges that they may come across when operating businesses. By conducting financial analyses both long-term and on a day-to-day basis, we’re able to effectively assess our clients’ finances to set them on the path to success. Whether you’re looking to cut costs, increase day-to-day productivity, or project future financial needs, we can assist you in setting a plan for long-term growth.

HUD Audit

State and local governments, as well as non-profits, are often the recipients of HUD funds. These funds should be closely monitored to ensure full compliance.

Audit & Assurance

Depending on your industry, your company’s financial well-being can be affected by both macro-economic and micro-economic changes. Our industry experts can highlight your industry and company financial health. We can also dive deep into financial statements and create a tailored strategy to fit your needs.

Employee Benefit Plans

If you’re an employer in the North Shore, it’s likely that you offer an employee benefit plan to your employees. It’s easy to fall out of compliance with the Department of Labor’s changing rules around benefit plans–and sometimes benefit plans can be difficult to decipher. We can audit your employee benefit plans to make sure they’re both compliant and effective.

Tax Preparation & Planning

High net worth individuals need to have a strong tax planning strategy in place to avoid unwanted federal, state, and local taxes. Individuals and businesses can also benefit from learning how to protect themselves from unwanted taxes and leverage tax credits to their advantage. Our specialists can plan and strategize tax strategies with you and/or your business to fit your needs.

Industries Served

The North Shore is a beautiful, unique area of Chicago. We serve a diverse range of industries in the North Shore, including:

  • Construction
  • Common Interest Realty Associations
  • Dealerships
  • Education
  • Emerging business
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Gaming
  • Government
  • Health Care/Medical
  • Law Professionals
  • Manufacturing/Distribution
  • Mortgage
  • Real Estate
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Retail


In our North Shore office, we are dedicated to providing our clients with customized advisory services that suit their needs. We understand that every area is different, and our clients’ needs in the North Shore can combine both individual and business strategy. We take pride in our personalized approach and believe that advisory services should not only focus on abstract needs but should also be a “people-first” endeavor.

However, it can be frustrating to find a specialist on the North Shore that fits your needs and has knowledge beyond one particular area. While there are many specialists in the North Shore, there are few firms that can handle full-service advisory services. At Odoni Partners LLC, we have a team of specialists that can understand your business and individual needs from start-to-finish. We are able to take a unique approach in solving your challenges through a mix of customization, specialists, and human-first advisory services. Unlock your full potential through our services. We are knowledgeable about both the tax and financial sectors in the North Shore area–and other business strategies.

Schedule a consultation with us today to set your individual and business needs on the path towards success!

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