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  • Posted by: Dante Odoni

How To Deal With Closing Your Month Remotely

As everyone is trying to learn new ways to manage the COVID-19 effects on their personal and professional lives, many businesses are trying to learn how to navigate monthly closing remotely.

Knowing the requirements of a close and implementing them into a virtual program can prove to be difficult, however, there are many ways to make it run smoothly.

Upgraded Equipment

Without the correct equipment and programs, it is impossible to keep everyone up to date and able to access the necessary materials to complete their job. This can usually be resolved through simple program downloads and upgraded computer systems, and this will only serve to improve the functionality of a business when everyone returns to board rooms and offices.

Organization is Key

All business requires some type of organization to operate efficiently and effectively. Monthly closing is no exception to the rule. In fact, it is imperative that this be organized. With people unable to have monthly meetings in person, handing off notes and documents, discussing forward-thinking over lunch, etc., has caused closing to become something that must be completely readjusted to meet clients and co-workers’ personal needs. Having meetings through the many different video platforms like Zoom and more, you can come together as a group and discuss a game plan, so everyone is on the same page with the same information. Specific areas may need some attention, and what better time than now to re-evaluate every aspect of the closing process in order to improve company success and associate morale.

Plan and Disperse A Daily, Weekly & Monthly Calendar

Programs that allow everyone to have the same calendar can be extremely productive. Each employee usually operates their own calendar in an office setting, but during remote work, a calendar that everyone can operate will add to efficiency. Each step that needs to be taken in closing can be scheduled while the person who is responsible for the next step will know when they need to make a move. This also allows notes to be added within each day and week to prepare for the end of the month which also adds to the organization.

The Review Process

This needs to take place daily in order to see the patterns that people have to be better prepared for the next week and month. Over time this will be a very effective way to make informed decisions for the following monthly closing cycle. When there is a large number of staff that are unable to come together, the only way to stay ahead of the chaos is reviewing every detail and ensuring each person knows their role and deadline.


Starting or continuing professional personal relationships with co-workers have never been more important. If people do not communicate, important details go unchecked, steps get skipped, and inevitably the close can be a failure. Having daily meetings at least once a day with the entire staff is vital. If someone is unable to make a meeting with the effects of COVID-19, setting aside individual meetings can prevent major delays in proceedings. This also keeps employees from feeling unsupported during already difficult times.