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  • Dante Odoni, CPA
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Outsourcing accounting has many benefits that can help business owners, such as providing competent help and lessening the workload. However, as with any outsourcing, understanding a few key details can help you choose the best accounting team for your needs. The accountants in Chicago, Illinois, from Odoni Partners LLC, can explain what you need to know before selecting an accounting firm. Continue reading for insight from the professionals.

1: Their Safety Protocols

Before you choose a firm, thoroughly research its safety protocols. Your company’s sensitive data and financial statements must remain completely secure to protect your clients, employees, and yourself. Check references, ensure they follow basic procedures, and ask questions about their security measures.

Security stands out as one of the essential aspects of choosing the best accounting firm for your needs; without proper security, you put your entire business at risk.

2: Clear Communication

Ensure consistent and clear communication about your accounting functions for optimal results. The company you choose must provide the following:

· Regularly scheduled meetings about your business

· Answers to your questions throughout the relationship

· An emergency communication number or email

· Regular updates weekly, monthly, or quarterly

If you cannot understand their jargon, or communication gets skewed at any point, you risk your company’s financial state. Ensure complete and thorough communication at all times for peace of mind and control over your company’s finances.

When you look into outsourcing accounting, ensuring a good bond with your bookkeeper or accountant can help you form a long-term business relationship and benefit your business. Trust, reliability, and clear communication are vital for optimal performance.

3: Your Requirements and Goals

For the best relationship, you must thoroughly understand your current accounting shortcomings and faults. Then, you can communicate them to your new accountant. In addition, knowing what you need for your business and industry can help you find an accountant familiar with your specific requirements.

Before researching accounting firms, ask yourself these questions:

· Do I want to grow my company in the near future or at all?

· What is my current accounting system, and why am I looking to outsource?

· Where specifically do I need professional accounting help?

Accounting firms can cover a specific niche or industry or provide general help. Knowing everything about your industry’s accounting requirements will help you find a specialist that can significantly benefit your company.


Outsourcing your accounting can help you streamline your bookkeeping, provide strict security, and help you efficiently run your business. The right accountant will make running your business more streamlined for you, your clients, and your employees. Know your accounting needs, common tax forms, and the basic industry requirements before you search for the ideal accountant. The more aware you are of your requirements, the better equipped you’ll be to find the perfect bookkeeper for your small or medium-sized business.

If you’re looking into outsourcing accounting for your business, contact Odoni Partners LLC at (312) 440-0960 and schedule a consultation in Chicago, IL, today.